Nexus startup Wide Need was selected by the Royal Academy of Engineering for the Leaders in Innovation Fellowships program to attend a training course on technology commercialization to be held from February 9-23, 2019 in London, UK.

Wide Need attempts to address the human urine challenges when access to a washroom is difficult. They have developed a patented uni-sexual pocket toilet which ensures high standards of hygiene and can be used both for indoor or outdoor purposes.

The biodegradable bag is lined with special gel that instantly solidifies urine and turns it into an odor free non liquid which can be stored and disposed of at an appropriate time.

Siddharth Tawarawala, founder and CEO of Wide Need, explained that it took him three years from when he first conceived the idea in 2015 to turn it into a commercial product and acknowledged Nexus’s support in turning his idea into a success. Wide Need was incubated at Nexus in the fourth cohort.

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