Nexus startup RoadBounce has recently completed a pilot project with the Texas-based firm Nortex Concrete Lift and Stabilization, a road construction company which uses highly specialized polyurethane foam to lift and stabilize concrete panels. It has over 25 years experience in the field.

RoadBounce has developed a technology to automatically detect road conditions using just a smartphone and a car. The company claims that with their technology government and road contractors can easily verify the quality of completed repairs, at less than 50% of the cost they have to pay today.

Nortex used RoadBounce’s app to show improvement in the roadway’s ride quality after Nortex had finished their work. This was extremely important as showing the Roadbounce data allowed them to convince government agencies of the positive effects of their work on the roadways.

RoadBounce also supports large scale deployments to rapidly analyze all roads within a city to find patches with rough riding quality with the highest traffic density, a pattern which may lead to road accidents and vehicle damage.

Based on the success of the pilot, Nortex plans on using the technology in its other projects in multiple locations and forsees big prospects for RoadBounce in the US.

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