On September 26th, Palta Engineering’s XAPER waste processing system was installed for managing the mixed solid waste in the Delhi Cantonment Board (DCB). The installation was inaugurated by Smt Meenakshi Lekhi, honorable Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, BJP to promote the Clean India (Swachh Bharat) Mission.

The event was supported by the officials of Delhi Cantonment including its CEO, its Vice President and all eight ward members. XAPER was praised by the Cantonment Board officials as an effective way to treat the growing amount of municipal waste in the area. The Delhi Cantonment covers an area of over 10,500 acres and houses more than 115,000 people. Pending a successful trial period, Palta looks to install its XAPER machines throughout the entire Cantonment.

XAPER is a sorting and composting machine which can segregate different waste fractions like plastics, paper, glass, and construction waste while simultaneously decomposing the organic food waste into compost within 24 hours. As a result the quantity of remaining waste is reduced by 85%.

Unlike centralized waste processing facilities which are cost intensive and less productive, XAPER reduces the overall operational cost, provides better livelihood opportunities for the base of the pyramid population and eliminates green house gasses emissions, odors and leachate generation. For more information on this Nexus-powered startup, visit their webpage at: www.xaper.in

Cities are increasingly looking for new ways to reduce the volume of generated solid waste due to its rising economic, environmental and health costs. Palta’s proprietary segregation technology continues to gather interest and the startup’s future is bright indeed.