On September 25th, Nexus organized a panel discussion on commercialization of scientific ideas titled “From the Lab to the Shelf: How to Take Scientific Ideas to Market” with a world class group of panelists including Dr. Steven Nichols, Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin; Dr. Norman Kaderlan, The Kaderlan Group; Dr. Anil Wali, Indian Institute of Technology; and Dr. Vijay K. Chaudhary, University of Delhi.

Researchers and faculty want to create knowledge that has intellectual value. This can be achieved by publishing of academic papers but the more effective way is to commercialize it. However, converting science into a product involves business, which has different goals and a thought process which needs different skills and knowledge to successfully implement it. The discussion addressed these issues followed by practical advice for Indian researchers.

The focus of the panel session was to explain the different paths of the commercialization process which will enable researchers to publish without negating IP rights. The event was well attended and included researchers, scientists, academic professionals, students and entrepreneurs.

The event included the opportunity for researchers and faculty members to ask advice on how they can commercialize their technologies with the Indian experts providing practical advice based on their experience in India while experts from the University of Texas shared their experience from an international perspective.