Nexus hosted an interactive webchat on “Diversity in Business: Prosperity for All” on Thursday, October 26th as the lead up event to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) scheduled for November 2017 in Hyderabad.

The webchat was led by three Washington based panelists:

  • Audrey Bracey Deegan, CEO, StepByStep
  • Rahama Wright, Founder and CEO of Shea Yeleen Health and Beauty
  • Desiree Stolar, Director, Alumni Strategy and Engagement, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

It was attended by Nexus supported women entrepreneurs including Manya Jha from Morphedo and Arpita Singh from Docturnal. Nexus runs an intensive highly competitive 10 weeks pre-incubation program for the selected startups. More than 30% of the Nexus supported startups are led by women entrepreneurs. Know more about Nexus startups.

Panelists discussed unique challenges that women entrepreneurs face and strategies for success. The panelists interacted and answered all the specific queries of the participants making it a highly interactive session. It was highly successful as it reached over 125,000 people and was viewed 8,500+ times.

The objective of the webchat was to highlight the importance of diversity in business, to focus on innovation and supporting women entrepreneurs in fostering economic growth. This aligns with the GES theme, “Women First, Prosperity for All.” The increased participation of women and marginalized groups in the economy is not only a valuable source of expertise and leadership for businesses, but it also empowers and strengthens families and communities. Marginalized groups, particularly women, also reinvest a large portion of their incomes locally, which advances economic growth and stability.

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