When should founders hand over control?
A round table discussion

With the start-up ecosystem experiencing employee layoffs, shuttering of businesses and consolidation at valuations much lower than their last fund-raise, there is no better time to discuss whether founders are really the best people to manage their vision and goals for the business once scale has been achieved. How should investors have such “difficult conversations” with themselves and their investors before something drastic occurs? Is hiring a professional CEO, CFO and HR head, etc. the answer? Alternately, are founders the ones best equipped to execute and achieve their vision since only they best understand their product or service?

To discuss this, the Columbia Alumni Association India invited the following eminent panelists:

Sanjeev Bikhchandani: Founder – InfoEdge (Naukri.com) and an active investor in several startups like Zomato

Raman Roy: CEO of Quatrro and chairman of NASSCOM

Mukul Gulati: Partner at Zephyr Peacock, a NY based PE firm

Rajat Goel: Founder and CEO of EyeQ India, a Helion and Nexus funded Eye-Care start-up

Nidhi Agarwal: Founder and CEO of KAARYAH, a Ratan Tata, Mohandas Pai & The Saha Fund funded start-up

The panel was moderated by Nayantara Rai, Deputy Chief of Bureau, ET Now.