On August 8th, Nexus organized a web-telecast on “Artificial Intelligence for Startups” hosted by GIST with Hassan Sawaf, Director, Artificial Intelligence, AWS, Joseph Spisak, Head of AI Partnerships, AWS and Ben Snively, Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS which was followed by a discussion and Q&A by Hamza Zubair (Head of AI, Untrodden Labs).

It was attended by entrepreneurs looking for affordable and accessible Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to improve their business process and make their products and services more user-friendly.

Focused on AI for startups, entrepreneurs were challenged to look beyond the hype around AI and build the real systems and products which utilize the core advancement that AI brings to the market. We were very much impressed by the interest and enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs who were eagerly waiting for the answers of their question.

Mr. Hamza Zubair was proficient to explain about the pros and cons of the AI and the entrepreneurs came away with a deeper awareness of why and how they must constantly improve their market understanding of AI to be successfully building their venture. With a great turnout this was one of the events Nexus is proud of hosting and supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India.