The Nexus Incubator

An integral part of Nexus will be the business incubator. Have an idea and need help getting it to market? Join the Nexus business incubator!

Located in downtown New Delhi, the incubator will offer selected startups unparalleled access to networks of industry and government partners, training from the top commercialization experts around the world, an extensive mentor network as well as access to both private and public fund managers specializing in supporting startups. Through its affiliation with the University of Texas, startups can partner entrepreneurial teams in Austin to collaborate on creating a successful path to the market.

The Details

What are we looking for? We are looking for a few passionate innovators and entrepreneurs to join us at the Nexus incubator. An ideal candidate would have a product based idea with clear and quantifiable benefits that meet a proven need in the marketplace. Social impact technologies are welcome, but must be based on a clear, sustainable business model.

Are there any specific industry priorities? Nope! We are pretty wide open. However, due to the time to market issues and our capabilities, startups in the pharmaceutical space will probably not be a good fit. We look for companies that have a clear value proposition and quantifiable benefits. USUALLY, this will translate into companies with a business to business (B2B) product, but not always.

Lastly, applicants must have an innovative component. If you have the latest e-commerce site or are looking to start a new Starbucks franchise, that’s great, but this would not be the place for you.

How does the process work? We will be selecting up to 15 companies for our “pre-incubation phase” of 4 months. Each company can bring 2 team members in our facility for our events, training and day-to-day mentoring. We will work together with you to sharpen your value proposition, IP protection, create and achieve milestones and ensure your target market is well defined. A key part of our methodology is “getting out of the building” work to collect real market data and the voice of the customer. We will also be bringing over experts from the United States for hands on training programs.

After 3 months, we will select 3-4 companies to enter the incubator. They will have full access to the incubator facilities for up to the following 8 months. During this time we will work with you to get your product to market.

Ready to apply?

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Questions? Read the FAQs and if you still have questions, contact us at